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Tech drives me Crazy

Spending way too much time learning Kajabi

Wasting hours learning about pipelines & funnels

Juggling work and personal responsibilities

Don't know how to increase average cart order value

Limited knowledge when it comes to converting websites or funnels

Kajabi, WordPress or Clickfunnels – I’ve got you Covered


Maximize Revenue with strategic approach and deep understanding of Kajabi's features

Simplify the course creation process saving you time and effort.

Increase Course Sales upsell strategies

Automate client onboarding and backend tech while you play

Ease all the complex backend automations

Ways to work with me…

Building Sales Funnels maximizing sales conversions

Structuring your course content, ensuring engaging learning experience

Launch your course through webinar or challenge funnel

Grow Your Email List on autopilot through lead magnet funnel

Increase revenue through existing services and products

Kajabi website setup to enhance your brand, engage with your audience

Automate lead generation & client conversion systems

Audit of your course, website or funnels, identify gaps and share actionable recommendations

Kajabi Specialist

Samples of work done...

Kajabi website Migration

Start Your Journey

Use Technology to Automate your Systems & Uplevel Your Business

Whether you are getting started or looking to scale your business, I can help you in several ways

Website Build

  • 5 Main Pages which are Home, About, Services, Contact Page, Optin Page
  • All System pages, like blog, shop, library, store, 404, login & Members Library etc
  • Integration of your branding, colors, and fonts
  • Payment and custom domain set-up
  • Setup Logo, favicon, header and footer navigation, social media links, and icons
  • Social media integration
  • Complimentary setup of Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy pages (client supplied content/copy)
  • Mobile optimized
Starts at $999

Courses & Memberships

  • Designing your product theme to match your branding
  • Setup & customization of members area, including Library, Login, Course, student dashboard, 404  and Store pages as per your branding (if needed)
  • Banners and thumbnails for course lessons
  • Uploading all content videos, audio & documents (including PDFs, videos, audio files, and documents) and copy into a native or purchased Kajabi online course theme
  • Customised course navigation
  • Onboarding/nurture automated email sequence (with up to five emails in the series)
  • Mobile optimized
Starts at $999


  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Challenge Funnels
  • Lead Magnet Funnels etc
  • Sales Page, Offers, Checkout, Thank You Page, Upsells, Downsells
  • Email Sequence
  • Integration of your branding, colors, and fonts
  • Payment and domain set-up
  • Testing
  • All automations, tags, forms, backend tech
Starts at $599

Website & Funnel Builds

  • Convert your audience into customers
  • Increase revenue and conversion rates
  • Create visually appealing websites & funnels
  • Boost user experience
  • Improve customer engagement and interaction
  • Enhance credibility and trust among target audience
  • Speed up the process
  • Build your email list
  • Engage 24/7 with your audience
  • Funnel them into your programs and services
  • Build your audience

Setup Courses & Memberships

  • Build upsell revenue streams
  • Increase average order value
  • Monetize your knowledge & expertise
  • Earn Passive Income
  • Reach a global audience without geographical restrictions.
  • Increase recurring revenue
  • Cost-effective option for you and your customers
  • Enjoy flexibility of time and location
  • Scale your reach and revenue
  • Improved user experience

Audits of Websites & Funnels

  • Identify gaps & leaks in sales conversions
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Improve and optimize the user experience
  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce manual work by identifying areas of automation or streamlining
  • Increased ROI by improving conversion rates and user experience
  • Make informed decisions about future sales and marketing efforts through data-driven results

Kajabi Specialist | Experts | Consultant

What Clients Say...

Meghan Jones, Health Coach

“I would super recommend Manu. She is a wizard. She is so easy to work with. Her response and communication is immediate”

Taylor Warner, FB Automations Expert


“I couldn’t recommend her enough. I will definitely be using her for all my ActiveCampaign projects.I couldn’t have asked for someone better than Manu honestly.”

Virtual Mompreneurs: Best Kajabi Expert and Consultant

If you are looking to step up your online business with Kajabi however feeling overpowered? Meet the Virtual Mompreneurs, your go-to Kajabi specialist and experts! We work in helping mompreneurs like you prevail on Kajabi, a definitive platform for creating, marketing, and selling your digital products.

As prepared Kajabi specialists, we offer tailored services to suit your necessities. Whether you’re simply beginning and need direction on setting up your Kajabi site, or you’re prepared to streamline your current platform for better deals and engagement, we take care of you.

Why hire Kajabi experts like us? Since we comprehend the exceptional difficulties of mompreneurs and can give customized strategies to augment your Kajabi investment. From planning captivating courses to setting as high as possible changing over deals channels, we do everything!

Prepared to take your business to a higher level? Go ahead and out and employ our group of committed Kajabi consultants. We should change your vision into reality with Kajabi!

Tips for working with Kajabi Experts

Here are some key tips for effectively working with Kajabi experts:

1. Define Your Project Clearly: Prior to starting with a Kajabi expert, obviously frame your venture objectives, timelines, and expectations. Define what you really want help with on Kajabi, whether it’s course creation, website setup, promoting computerization, or the entirety of the abovementioned.

2. Assess Their Kajabi Experience: Make sure the expert has specific experience with Kajabi. Ask for examples of their past work or projects they’ve completed on the platform. Look for testimonials or reviews that highlight their expertise in using Kajabi effectively.

3. Communication is Essential: Maintain open and clear communication throughout the project. Discuss preferred modes of communication and frequency of updates. This ensures that both parties are aligned and can address any issues or questions promptly.

4. Respect the Process: Trust the expertise of the Kajabi specialist. Be open to their suggestions and recommendations based on their experience with the platform. Respect the process they follow in setting up your Kajabi site or implementing your project.

Services offered by Kajabi experts and consultants

1. Kajabi Website Designers: Our group of Kajabi website designers work in making outwardly engaging and practical sites custom-made explicitly for the Kajabi platform. We center around client experience, guaranteeing your site looks perfect as well as drives engagement and conversions.

2. Kajabi Virtual Assistants: Get committed virtual helpers to deal with different assignments on your Kajabi platform, from content administration and part backing to course creation and technical troubleshooting. Our virtual helpers are prepared in Kajabi’s elements and can proficiently oversee everyday activities.

3. Online Marketing Consultants: Our online marketing consultants are specialists in utilizing Kajabi’s capacities to plan and execute successful advertising efforts. We assist you with streamlining your substance, run email campaigns, and use social media to attract and hold clients.

4. All-in-One Kajabi Specialists: For extensive help, our all-in-one Kajabi specialist cover configuration, showcasing, and methodology. Whether you’re beginning new or hoping to patch up your current Kajabi setup, our experts furnish customized answers for line up with your business goals.

5. Project Managers: Keep your Kajabi projects on target with experienced project managers. We handle timelines, assets, and correspondence to guarantee your Kajabi drives are conveyed productively and effectively.

6. Automation Experts: Our automation experts streamline your Kajabi work processes by setting up mechanized processes. From email successions and course enlistments to participation the board, we assist you with saving time and further develop efficiency.

7. Funnel Builder Experts: Expand conversions and commitment with expertly created deals funnels on Kajabi. Our funnel builders design streamlined pathways for your audience, directing them flawlessly through your offers and supporting your revenue.

Pros and Cons of Kajabi

Kajabi is a strong platform for making online content with various advantages and a few considerations:


• All-in-One Solution: Kajabi coordinates site building, email promoting, course creation, and deals devices in a single platform.
• User-Friendly Interface: It’s not difficult to utilize, even for beginners, for novices, with adaptable layouts and simplified functionality.
• Marketing Features: Incorporates worked in showcasing devices like email campaigns, landing pages, and deals channels to help your reach.
• Membership Sites: You can make gated content and oversee enrollments consistently.
• Analytics: Provides detailed insights into user behavior and sales performance.


• Pricing: Can be expensive for small businesses or individuals starting out.
• Limited Customization: While user-friendly, customization options might be restrictive for those needing complex designs.
• Dependency on Platform: Your content and customer data are on Kajabi’s servers.
• Learning Curve: Although easy to use, mastering all features might take time.

Overall, Kajabi is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for an integrated platform to build and market online courses and memberships effectively. For personalized assistance, consider consulting Kajabi specialist or exppert to maximize your platform use.

How to Hire Kajabi Experts

1. Characterize Your Necessities: Start by clearly framing your requirements and objectives. Figure out what explicit errands or ventures you really want help with on the Kajabi platform— whether it’s setting up courses, enhancing sales funnels, or planning an enrollment site.

2. Post a Detailed Job Description: Craft an exhaustive work posting that features the abilities and experience you’re looking for in a Kajabi specialist. Determine the extent of work, wanted capabilities, and any favored confirmations or past project examples. Be clear about whether this is a one-time project or a continuous role.

3. Review Proposals: When your job post is live, take time to review the recommendations presented by Kajabi specialists. Search for competitors whose abilities adjust intimately with your necessities and who have shown outcome in similar projects.

4. Conduct Interviews: Narrow down your list of candidates and timetable meetings with the most encouraging ones. During the meetings, dive further into their experience in Kajabi, problem-solving skills, and correspondence style. Assess how well they comprehend your project needs.

5. Make a Deal: In the wake of directing meetings, select the applicant who best accommodates your measures. Make a proper deal framing the details of the commitment, including project extension, timetables, and compensation.

Consider Things in a Kajabi Service Provider

1. Specialty: Search for Kajabi experts who spend significant time in making and upgrading on the online courses, enrollment sites, and sales funnels utilizing the Kajabi platform. They ought to have top to bottom information on Kajabi’s features and capabilities.

2. Type of Services: A reputable Kajabi consultant offers a scope of administrations custom-made to your needs, including:

  • Course design and advancement: Crafting connecting with and intelligent web-based courses.
  • Enrollment site arrangement: Making select participation regions with customized content.
  • Deals pipe enhancement: Planning viable deals cycles to amplify transformations.
  • Website customization: Customizing your Kajabi site for marking and client experience.
  • Advertising computerization: Executing mechanized email missions and promoting systems inside Kajabi.

3. Past Projects: While recruiting a Kajabi specialist, review their portfolio and past projects:

  • Fruitful course launches: Check their history in sending off and scaling online courses on Kajabi.
  • Client testimonials: Search for positive feedback from past clients about the quality of their work and client assistance.
  • Different projects: Guarantee they have insight across different enterprises and specialties, showing adaptability in their capabilities.

Why Should You Hire Kajabi Specialist| Expert|Consultant?

Although Kajabi is a straightforward and user-friendly application, its numerous capabilities may be puzzling to certain users. Staying aware of everything may be challenging because the platform is continuously changing and delivering updates.
You can do this without anyone’s help without employing someone assuming you have the opportunity and persistence to learn how to make it happen. To understand all aspects of the platform, check out the tools at Virtual Mompreneurs .
Hiring a Kajabi consultant or specialist is the best option, though, if you lack technical expertise or would prefer to concentrate on other facets of your online business. You may get support from a Kajabi consultant or experts with the following:

  • Creating a digital marketing plan or the business framework,
  • Setting up and personalising your Kajabi website,
  • Offering advice on how to make your digital assets better,
  • Creating material that calls for specialised knowledge, including website design or video editing,
  • Fixing any technical difficulties you may be experiencing,
  • Helping you in completing particular tasks more quickly (such as creating a landing page or email sequence); providing,
  • Offering advice and help when you’re feeling stuck, and
  • Grow the scope of your business.

Having peace of mind and avoiding headaches is possible with the help of Kajabi specialists and consultants. Although they aren’t free, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

Why Choose Virtual Mompreneurs for Kajabi Platform?

Choosing Virtual Mompreneurs for your Kajabi platform needs is a brilliant choice. As experienced Kajabi experts and consultants, we understand the extraordinary difficulties and objectives of mompreneurs like you. Here’s the reason we stand out:

1. Tailored Support: We offer customized solutions that line up with your innovative journey, whether you’re sending off a course, enrollment site, or digital product.

2. Holistic Approach: Our ability goes past specialized arrangement. We guide you on satisfied creation, marketing methodologies, and advancing your Kajabi site for progress.

3. Empathetic Guidance: Being mompreneurs ourselves, we sympathize with your bustling timetable and responsibilities, offering adaptable help that accommodates your way of life.

4. Proven Results: We have a history of helping mompreneurs flourish with Kajabi, with unmistakable outcomes in developing their online organizations.

Ready to elevate your Kajabi presence? Hire Virtual Mompreneurs today and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Our dedication as Kajabi specialists ensures you receive top-notch guidance tailored to your needs.


Kajabi is the all-in-one platform for creating, marketing and selling online courses, instructing programs and other computerized items. It includes features for site creation, email promoting, analytics etc.

A Kajabi expert is capable in utilizing the Kajabi platform and offers different services, including website setup and design, course creation, payment coordination, email marketing and analytics reporting.

Hiring a Kajabi expert will cost you different. The size and intricacy of your project, alongside the aptitude and experience of the subject matter expert, will decide the complete expense.

You can hire a Kajabi expert through independent platforms like Virtual Mompreneurs, Upwork, Fiverr, or Consultant. Post a job description detailing your project needs, and select an up-and-comer in view of their experience, portfolio, and reviews. On the other hand, request references from associates or join Kajabi people group to track down guaranteed specialists.